Frianto Moerdowo


Edinburgh, UK 2020

Covid-19 caused lockdowns in many cities around the world, including Edinburgh. Right when I was in semester two for the MBA program.

Since there are no campus or outdoor activities, I decided to join the Edinburgh Innovation program where during the summer we will take part in a bootcamp about startups and get grants from campus.

It’s great to get to know so many friends from the startup ecosystem in Edinburgh and be mentored by experienced mentors.

I brought my startup that I was working on amidst my busy MBA studies with my colleague Eka, Graphteon, an instant graphql platform as a service (PaaS). However, after joining the program, and validating our technology, it turned out that this technology was too early to be widely adopted.

In between writing the final project / capstone MBA, I tried coding some more prototypes of ideas which eventually led to Mayar, a payment fintech where unlike most payment gateways, we use a codeless approach and no complicated technical integration is required.

Today, 6 months since Mayar’s first code was written, Mayar finally launched.