Frianto Moerdowo

More old game collection recovered from old harddisk

More old game collection recovered from my hard disk, very bad coding practice, mostly as long as the code work. Some games used by my friends as their final project though.

Dinoboy (Platformer Game)

Original character by me

Astronot VS Alien (Tower Defense Game)

Mahabharata (Platformer Game)

Original Character by Ijal

Perang Melawan Sampah (Platformer Game)

This game actually a project from Government, I believe it was put on their website or for event. A Slight modification from Mahabharata game.

Original character by Ijal

Sea: Petarung Galaksi (Platformer Game)

This is not the original character. I modified it using my daughter photo for fun. Some of its assets using sprite from Metal Slug.